24 Jul 2008



RPost Transforms Insurance Operations byDelivering
Advanced Email Liability Protection

LOS ANGELES—July 24, 2008—RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® service suite, today announced significant adoption among leading insurance brokers in the Assurex Global Partners network. Brokers are coming quickly to appreciate that RPost’s Registered Email service reduces litigation risk, Errors & Omissions exposure, and provides the sender with the upper hand in any evidentiary disputes related to outbound email communications. Some of the member firms of the Assurex Global Partners’ network that are using RPost’s Registered Email service include the Graham Company, Gillis, Ellis & Baker, and Kapnick Insurance Group.

Brokers’ apprehensions about the use of standard email are alleviated with RPost’s Registered Email service that provides legal and verifiable proof of email delivery, message content including attachments, and official time stamp, all imbedded within a digital snapshot of the server-to-server transaction attached to the Registered Receipt that is automatically returned to the sender. Insurance brokers are now using Registered Email services for client and carrier/broker communications that bind coverage, verify strategic conversations, verify terms and conditions or changes in coverage — comfortably using email in more places where fax, courier, and traditional mail was once the only way to transact business at a much more expensive rate.

E-discovery horror stories have driven the point home to businessmen and women everywhere that mismanagement or the inability to validate electronic records can cost a company millions in electronic discovery and ultimate fines where unsuccessful. In addition, courts are increasingly taking a hard line with corporate litigants who cannot authenticate their email evidence, by denying their printed email admission into evidence.

“We became interested in using RPost’s Registered Email service after our firm went through a procedures audit in relation to our E&O renewal. The proper use of email was one of the focal points of the audit. Through the audit, we learned that courts would not always admit traditional email as evidence. We realized we needed to be able to have legally verifiable proof that our emails were sent, received and had not been altered,” remarks Doug Mills, vice president and chief operating officer of Gillis, Ellis & Baker, Inc., the Assurex Global Partner in New Orleans. Mills adds, “Since Katrina, the insurance industry has become more sensitive to agent-client and agent-carrier/broker communications as we are dealing more with non-standard policy forms and a constantly changing set of policy terms and conditions. RPost is an essential tool to help us manage this communication by email.”

Also attractive to brokers are RPost’s expanded services which include eContracting and e-signing, end-to-end email encryption, PDF conversion, data leak protection by metadata scrub, and the ability to add blind message content to copied recipients in the form of a side-note. Offered at a flat per email price, which is about the cost of a postage stamp, RPost services have been tested, accredited and have been used daily by the U.S. federal government since 2003.

“The encryption capability was the main reason Kapnick Insurance Group started the using RPost service. It was the only encryption solution that met our needs. We looked at many encryption solution providers and selected RPost because it was the most cost effective and user friendly,” says Lynn Tober, network administrator at Kapnick Insurance Group. “Our clients love the fact that they can open their encrypted email within moments of receiving it. Before we switched to RPost, our clients had to go through a multi-step registration process to receive their encrypted email. This was a hassle for our customers. RPost has allowed us to decrease our costs, improve our productivity, and cut down on both employee and client frustration.”

A major convenience for insurance brokers is the pure simplicity of the service which does not require the email recipient, the brokers’ clients and carrier partners, to sign up for the service or maintain additional user names and passwords. In short, the service is recipient agnostic requiring nothing new on the part of the recipient who simply opens, reads and responds to the Registered Email message just like standard email.

“Standard email sent or received, archived in electronic or in printed form, has limited evidentiary value to protect in case of a dispute. Standard email lacks verifiable proof of delivery, content of emails and attachments, uniform time sent and received, and transaction audit trails,” says Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “What people tend to overlook is the fact that with a couple clicks, you can change any email to say anything, print it out and represent it as fact — or worse; the other party could claim you did so. For our insurance customers, since much of their communication with clients and carriers takes place over the phone, having the ability to follow up by email to bind coverage, verify terms and conditions, or change coverage, is critical. Once you have a claim, you can’t go back and change the terms and conditions.”

During a recent webinar, RPost conducted a poll of 40 Assurex Global Partners member firms, finding that 40% of responding companies reported that they were involved in an email dispute after-the-fact, involving a challenge to delivery or content of the business message. This can become very costly to defend against with respect to time and resource costs involved in electronic file search and legal fees, underscoring the need for RPost’s Registered Email service particularly in “claim first reports” and “requests for quotations”. The complete poll results are available upon request by sending an email to webinar@rpost.com