29 Mar 2010

ePostalNews: RPost Chips Away at Snail Mail & Couriers


RPost, the e-mail proof outfit that’s suing Swiss Post for patent and trademark infringement, spooking Swiss Post into pulling its IncaMail secure communications platform off the market, has released a new E-Contracting solution.

The company claims the widgetry, a combination of elements of its upgraded eSignOff electronic signature and its Registered Email legal delivery proof services, makes digital signatures obsolete.  It observes that nearly 10 years after the federal E-SIGN law came into being, many transactions are still conducted via paper and wet-ink signatures despite the cost savings and cycle-time efficiencies offered by digital signatures and e-mail.

“Most still sign contracts by paper and mail, scan or fax, as most lack knowledge of the e-signature laws regarding the legality of digital signatures should an e-signed contract become central to a dispute in court,” RPost CEO Zafar Khan says. “We have solved this by bringing visual handscripted signatures into an electronic form.”

RPost’s eSignOff service lets the user attach any contract to an e-mail and just send it as you usually send e-mail. The recipient gets the e-mail, reviews the contract without having to download any software or log-in to another web site. In a few mouse-strokes, he or she can handwrite a mouse-scripted signature that becomes electronically sealed to the contract.

RPost says it’s “simple and hassle-free for both sender and recipient, and the resulting signed-off contract has the precise look of a traditional pen-and-ink signature on a contract, with the added benefits of future authentication.”

Khan said, “We consider RPost’s eSignOff service a handwritten signature that just happens to be ‘electronically applied’ to the contract, as opposed to a traditional electronic signature. It is so simple to use, our customers never leave their comfort zone of obtaining the results that they need in high-value contract execution – signatures that are functionally, visually and legally equivalent to a wet-ink signature on paper.”

eSignOff provides both parties with the signed-off contract, a court-admissible record of contract execution – including proof of signature, content and official time/date stamp, and underlying Internet forensics. It eliminates the need for the back-and-forth exchange of hard copies as backup and is supposed to give all parties a high level of assurance in the transaction.

According to Brian Cohen, a lawyer and former chief marketing officer of Farmers Insurance Group, “In many industries, legal departments have been trying to avoid the uncertainty of electronic signatures being challenged after the fact. Finally, with RPost, there is a solution to this vexing problem. Having spent many years as a practicing lawyer and senior insurance executive, I see RPost’s eSignOff service as a true game-changer.”

Cohen recently joined RPost’s board of advisors to guide the market’s awareness of the company’s eSignOff service.

Bundled in with eSignOff is RPost’s core Registered Email service, which provides the sender legally valid and court-admissible evidence of delivery, content, and time of any e-mail contract notice with attached contract, sent by e-mail.

RPost’s E-Contracting Solution is offered for a flat per e-mail price that runs about the cost of a postage stamp and a fraction of typical courier charges. RPost also offers monthly and annual all-inclusive service plans.

The new release is available for all email platforms, and integrates with other systems such as SalesForce.com, Zimbra and SAP.


Reprinted with permission from ePostalNews.