11 Nov 2008

Image Right


LOS ANGELES, CA — November 11, 2008 — RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® service suite, today announced an alliance with ImageRight, the insurance industry’s leading provider of content management and workflow solutions.

“The RPost service creates the perfect electronic record to give our customers the upper hand in any dispute resolution situation or misunderstanding about who said what to whom and when, by email,” said Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “When used in conjunction with the ImageRight system, RPost ensures electronic proof records are easily searchable, retrievable, and manageable.”

RPost has signed more than 100 insurance customers in 2008 because the company’s proof records are legally verifiable, and with RPost, insurance companies can easily keep track of proof of delivery, content, and time for Internet email correspondence with the insurance company’s major trading partners or clients. Some of the biggest benefits of using RPost for insurance carriers include reduction in the cost of policy delivery, and reduction in the cycle time and cost in claims processing by moving processes that require signature from paper to electronic.

“ImageRight’s alliance with RPost brings many benefits to our existing customer base,” said Bob Helvey, channel manager for ImageRight. “ImageRight’s content management and workflow capabilities increase processing efficiency and help our clients improve customer satisfaction. With the RPost alliance in place, we are helping insurance organizations take this one step closer to making the business of insurance correspondence paperless with lower costs, faster cycle time, better information management, and lower risk for all parties.”

A major convenience of the alliance for insurance organizations is that the RPost service does not require the email recipient – the sender’s clients and partners – to sign up for the service or maintain additional user names and passwords. The service is recipient agnostic requiring nothing new on the part of the recipient who simply opens, reads and responds to the Registered Email message just like standard email. When insurance organizations use the ImageRight system to manage RPost’s proof records, the process of managing critical correspondence records becomes faster and easier.

For more information about the RPost and ImageRight alliance, please contact Bob Helvey, channel manager for ImageRight at 770-860-0065 or bhelvey@imageright.com