01 Feb 2017

RPost’s 2017 Product Roadmap Puts Emphasis on Cybersecurity and Continuous Innovation

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LOS ANGELES, CA — January 31, 2017 — RPost has published a glimpse into its product roadmap for 2017, which will include key third-party integrations, cybersecurity enhancements, elevated email “open tracking”, expanded workgroup functionality for its RMail service, and more business automation features within its e-signature services. RPost provides RMail and other software-as-a-service products built on its patented Registered... Read more...

19 Jan 2017

RPost Year-in-Review, Trends & Outlook

The RPost team thanks you, our community of users, customers, partners, shareholders, and advocates, for another exciting year at RPost. Your support enables the RPost team to continue innovating for our customers, and to maintain RPost as a worldwide leader in cyber security, compliance, and productivity solutions. Each year, we find it useful to reflect on our company’s mission and discuss the steps RPost is taking to further that mission for... Read more...

27 Oct 2016

NetVU adds RPost as a Member Preferred Product for Registered Email


Los Angeles, California — October 20, 2016 — NetVU has added RPost as a “Member Preferred Product” for Registered Email™ through RMail® Registered Email™ services. NetVU, the network of Vertafore Users, is adding RMail as the exclusive Registered Email™ provider for its members and recommends RMail for email encryption and tracking. “Our members can benefit from the ability to legally track and prove the encrypted delivery... Read more...

25 Oct 2016

RPost’s Update for RMail Brings Enhanced Cybersecurity and Collaboration Features

Los Angeles, CA – October 25, 2016 — An extensive update has arrived to RPost’s flagship cyber-security product RMail, the all-in-one service that empowers email users’ Microsoft Outlook and Gmail interfaces with sending options including email encryption, open tracking, certified delivery proof, e-signatures, and secure large file transfers. RMail® has been relied upon for important messaging by governments and businesses of all sizes... Read more...

24 Oct 2016

Bermuda faces new cybersecurity threats


A new type of cybersecurity threat has led to some residents experiencing “substantial financial loss”, according to the Ministry of National Security. Senator Jeff Baron, the national security minister, revealed today that “whaling” and “spear phishing” attacks are luring target recipients into wiring funds to bank accounts controlled by internet or cyber criminals. It comes as the public is reminded to be vigilant about the latest cybersecurity... Read more...

06 Oct 2016

Claim Denied Due to Missing Email

At Frankel Insurance, staff sent an email to bind additional commercial property to an existing policy. Later, a claim was submitted to the insurance carrier, and the carrier denied having a record of the additional property having been added to the policy. Who said what when is often the core of many business disputes. With email notices, it is often not who sent what when, but rather, who sent what, when was it received, and what did it say? In... Read more...

04 Oct 2016


Los Angeles, California — October 5, 2016 —The State Bar Association of North Dakota has approved RPost’s RMail® service as a member benefit. An all-in-one email extension for security, compliance, and productivity, RMail integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, the two main email platforms used by legal professionals. “Attorneys want to protect their client data from the risk of email hacking. RMail ensures email security... Read more...

08 Sep 2016

The Chicago Bar Association Approves RPost as a Member Benefit to Provide Cyber Security Resources

Los Angeles, California — September 8, 2016 — The Chicago Bar Association has approved RPost’s RMail® service as a member benefit. An all-in-one email extension for security, compliance, and productivity, RMail integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, the two main email platforms used by legal professionals. “Lawyers rely on email to communicate with clients, but changes to the rules of professional conduct, regulatory and... Read more...

06 Sep 2016

The Certified Mail Envelope Was Empty

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You show up in court with a US Certified Mail “Green Card” delivery receipt, evidence that supposedly proves you delivered a timely notice. The other party simply stands up and says quizzically, “Sure we got the certified letter, but no one in our office could figure out why we were sent an empty envelope!”  And of course, there’s no proof of what was or wasn’t inside the envelope. Did the mail room attendant or administrator forget to... Read more...

26 Aug 2016

Tips for Staying Cyber Safe on the Road

Next week marks the last official week of summer vacation. It is likely also the beginning of your “back to work” business travel. Business travelers should note these specific precautions when conducting business transactions from the road, especially if you are likely to be more focused on the speed of getting things done rather than security. Be vigilant when using public Wi-Fi networks available from airports, hotels or coffee shops. Identity... Read more...