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Prefill an Envelope

In this section you will learn how to add your signature and prefill content to a document or template prior to sending it to other recipients.

1. Click the SEND tab

You will be brought to the Step 1/2: Envelope page which will contain the following sections:

2. Configure the Envelope Options

The options available for the envelope are populated with preset default values. You can adjust them under the OPTIONS panel.

3. Attach Files

  1. Document Locations:
    1. + Document: This option allows you to upload documents from a storage drive.
    2. + Template: This option will open a list of prepared and saved document templates.

  1.  Select + Document, make a selection in Drives, next,using the file manager,  locate the document and attach.
  2. Files must have one of the following file extensions:
    1. PDF: .pdf
    2. MS Office: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx
    3. Image: .bmp, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
    4. Other: .tif, .tiff, .htm, .html, .txt
  3.  To add multiple documents repeat step 2.

  1. Uploaded documents will appear in the ATTACH FILES panel and will display the file name and document size.

4. Add Recipients

  1. Select Prefill under Type This will automatically populate your name and email.

  1. In the ADD RECIPIENTS panel, add the name and email address for each recipient.

  1. + RECIPIENTS: This button adds another recipient row.
  2. ORDER: This is the order in which the document is sent to the signers. This setting is only applicable when a document has two or more signers.
  3. SIGN IN SEQUENCE: This box may be checked to send the document to multiple signers in sequence. The sequence will be based on the order the recipients are placed in this section.
  4. X: Click this icon to delete a user.

5. Add Message

Type the subject and email body.

6. Click the Next button

7. Prepare the Document

Here in section Step 2/3: Prepare, prepare the document by dragging and dropping form field controls to the desired locations on the document.

8. Click the Next Button

9. Complete Pre-fills Fields

Complete the self-assigned form field controls.

10. Press Submit

Document Sent

The document is then sent to the additional recipients for signature. The pre-fill form field controls you have completed are visible to all other signers.


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  1. Since this is the support center this article and all articles that assume the primary user is reading this should refer to the reader in the second person and not third.

    This is “Prefill” and so it assumes the preparer of the document would be the one reading this.

  2. In my opinion numbered lists upon lists should be eliminated. the Main numbers can remain and in some instances the sub lists should be changed to letters a,b,c but in some instances here the listed numbers should be eliminated entirely.

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