Signing a Document

Last Updated On August 18, 2018
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Signing a Document


RSign has made signing a document the easiest on the market.  The signer is walked through the process step-by-step.


Step 1: Invitation Email

The signer(s) receive an email with the following information:

    1. Notice an email is sent to electronically sign
    2. Message headers: From, To, Envelope ID
    3. View & Sign Document button
    4. Email body composed by the sender
    5. Instructions to reply to the email with questions

Step 2:  Click the View & Sign Document Button

The signer is instructed to click the View & Sign Document button.

Step 3:  Complete the Document

The document opens in a new tab of the signer’s default web browser with a checklist of form field controls to complete.

Checklist Navigation

    1. The < and > to the left and right of the Checklist title, and/or the Tab key on the keyboard, navigate the controls.
    2. The < icon minimizes the checklist to icons only and expands the document size to the full width of the browser.
    3. Green boxes show the form field control is complete.
    4. White boxes show the form field control is not complete.
    5. The * icon means the form field control is required.

Top Toolbar

    1. The Finish Later link saves the document in its current form to complete at a later date.
    2. The Decline link cancels the transaction and allows the signer to compose a note as to the reason.
    3. The Change Signer link allows the signer to change or update the signer’s name and email address.

Form Field Control Boxes

Come controls may have colored boxes on the top left corner.

  1. Green Box: The form field control is completed.
  2. Blue Box: The form field control is optional.
  3. Red Box: The form field control is required.

Form Field Controls

The form field controls are completed by clicking on the control and filling in or selecting the requested information.


    1. The Time & Date Stamp control does not appear for the signer and is added after the document is complete.
    2. The Label control is to mark the document with a highlighted label only, no action is permitted to this control.
    3. Only one Radio Button may be selected in a group.

Post Signing

  1. After the document is complete, the signer is brought to an RSign page confirming the process is complete. Some RSign plans allow the signer to be directed to a custom confirmation web page.
  2. Both the sender and signer(s) receive an email containing a copy of the final signed document for their records.