17 Jul 2008

Chicago Bar Association


Joins 20 other Bar AssociationsNationwide that have partnered with RPost toaddress risks in traditional electronicmail.

RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® service suite, today announced that the Chicago Bar Association has agreed to sponsor education of RPost’s Registered Email® services to its 22,000 attorney-members. Starting in August, RPost and the association will begin a major awareness campaign about the legal liability risks and inherent technical limitations of traditional email, with RPost’s Registered Email services offering protection and proof of delivery. The Chicago Bar Association joins more than 20 other bar associations from the major metropolitan areas of the United States—including New York City, District of Columbia and Los Angeles—that have teamed up to endorse or sponsor RPost services with similar education programs.
“We are looking forward to creating awareness among our members about RPost’s Registered Email service and how it can lessen common risks we face when using email at work,” says Karen Stanton of the Chicago Bar Association. “In the last decade we’ve seen massive conversion towards electronic communication, which has created new legal issues and challenges. Courts are aware of how easy it is to manipulate unprotected email and we feel strongly that attorneys and their clients should take the necessary precautions to mitigate litigation risk.”
In today’s electronic world of business transactions, email senders are frequently burned with the excuse of, “I never got it,” or even worse, “yes, I received it but that is not what it said” relating to important email correspondence, where the letter was an attached PDF document and there is no verifiable proof of delivery, receipt or content. In the past, companies maintained FedEx, courier, and fax logs to fend off delivery problems, but today with electronic delivery, the potential for challenge is much greater.
“Across the board – particularly in the legal sector and in litigation correspondence – we are seeing a dramatic increase in the use of email to send PDF letters – with no way to prove receipt by the opposing party. This is like faxing letters and not keeping a log to prove that the fax was received by the other side. With this common practice, lawyers expose themselves and their clients to litigation risk,” commented Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost.The Chicago Bar Association recommends using RPost’s Registered Email service to defend against this exposure because the service provides the attorney sender with the capability of receiving a Registered Receipt for email that provides higher proof of delivery than traditional FedEx and fax receipts/logs – and far greater protection than sending the letter by standard email. By sending letters in PDF format attached to RPost’s Registered Email messages — just one click of the “Send Registered” button rather than the “Send” button in their Outlook, Lotus, or Groupwise email program — these attorneys receive a higher level of protection than they had prior to their widespread adoption of email for important communications. Using RPost’s Registered Email service, the email sender automatically receives a digital audit trail that can serve as proof of email authenticity and help ensure emails are admissible in court.

RPost has included a one-click convert-to-PDF option within its Registered Email service, so attorneys can ‘Send Registered’, convert to PDF, and receive proof of delivery with as little as two extra clicks.