26 Dec 2007



There are many products on the market today that are designed to help organizations manage, retain, and archive their email business records and other electronically stored information (ESI). One of the most effective technologies—and certainly one of the easiest tools to use—is the Registered Email® service from RPost.

Registered Email services work just like registered snail mail, operating at the speed of email with additional functionality not possible in traditional alternatives. When you send an email message via RPost’s Registered Email service, you receive a Registered Receipt email, complete with an atomic clock stamp verifying exactly when your message was sent and received as well as proving content of the message and attachments. RPost’s Registered Email service provides legal proof that your message was sent by you precisely when you say it was sent, was received by the recipient’s mail room, and was not tampered with or altered in any way.

That’s important because standard email that is sent, received, or archived in electronic or printed form actually has very little evidentiary value in case of a business dispute or litigation. Just how vulnerable is standard received email? With just a few keystrokes, an email recipient can change text, alter the “from” address, edit attachments, adjust the “time sent,” and move email to any folder in the recipient’s system.

At the end of the day, standard email opens your organization to a variety of claims ranging from“I never received your message,” to “That’s not what the message [or attachment] said.” Don’t think you can rely on Read Receipts, standard in Outlook and other email programs, for protection. A Read Receipt, like standard email itself, is nothing more than a text file that can easily be forged and tells nothing about the content that actually was received. In other words, standard email does not provide verifiable proof of delivery, but it does make your organization vulnerable to malicious parties who are set on manipulating your email, and then representing falsehoods as truths.

If You Are Looking for an Email Tool that Delivers Verifiable Legal Proof of Content and Delivery, While Providing Reliable Archiving Capabilities, Look No Farther than RPost’s Registered Email Service. Add Registered Email Services to Your Corporate Email Mix to Ensure:

• Proof that the message was sent by you and then received by the recipient’s server

• Proof of content, demonstrating that the message and its attachments had a specific content

• Admissibility in a U.S. court, according to the Federal Rules of Evidence

• Admissibility as evidence, without requiring a witness to testify in person

• Atomic clock proof of time– proving exactly when the email was sent and received by the recipient

• Encryption for extra privacy, end-to-end

• Conversion to PDF in a secure environment Meta-data scrub to clean hidden data from confidential documents

• Binding agreement via email for electronic contracts

• Electronic signature (for email and attachments) providing the electronic equivalent of a hand-written signature

• Zip compression of attachments