25 Sep 2012

RPost Selected by Zywave to Prove and Encrypt BrokerageBuilder Email

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Zywave now secures business critical messages for 90 of the top 100 U.S. insurance firms with RPost Registered Email technology. Los Angeles, CA and Milwaukee, WI – September 25, 2012 – Today, Zywave, Inc. announced a partnership with RPost for encrypting Requests for Proposal (RFPs) sent via email through BrokerageBuilder, its industry-leading agency management system. The switch to RPost represents a significant enhancement in functionality,... Read more...

11 Apr 2012

Keller Williams Commercial Broker Won’t Send Important Communications or Conduct Transactions Without RPost


Keller Williams Commercial Broker Reports in a Video on the Benefits of RPost’s Registered Email Services for Providing Verifiable Proof on All Important Client/Broker Communications and Transactions. LOS ANGELES, CA — April 11th, 2012 – Brian Fleming, a commercial broker with Keller Williams, found RPost after a client and another broker circumvented his rightful participation in a commercial transaction. Since then, he has used... Read more...

08 Mar 2012

Top RE/MAX Real Estate Global Broker uses RPost for Client’s Protection


RE/MAX realtor reports in a video on the benefits of RPost’s Registered Email services for providing 24/7 capabilities of submitting time-sensitive offers and counter offers with proof of submission under deadline. LOS ANGELES, CA — March 8th, 2012 – Christine Sams, a leading RE/MAX Seattle Global Broker, uses RPost, the inventor of Registered Email® services, to protect her clients’ interests when sending notices that have... Read more...

03 Feb 2012

Keller Williams Commercial Broker Won’t Send Critical Emails without RPost

Brian Fleming, a commercial broker with Keller Williams found RPost after a client and another broker circumvented his rightful participation in a commercial transaction. Since then, he has used RPost’s Registered Email service for all of his important client/broker communications and transactions. “There is significant advantage to using RPost in addition to the noticeable cost savings,” states Mr. Fleming. “Everything in... Read more...

31 Jan 2011

Applied Systems Adds RPost Service to Protect Personal Facts in Insurance Agency E-mail

University Park, Illinois – January 31, 2011 – Applied Systems TAMOnline® and VisionOnline® agency management systems now include easy access to RPost Registered Email® service, so insurance agents and brokers can legally prove who e-mailed what to whom and when. Insurance technology company Applied Systems recently partnered with RPost to help agents protect insureds’ personal information such as Social Security numbers, driver’s license... Read more...

09 Dec 2010

Understand Potential Pitfalls of Reliance on End-to-End TLS Encryption for HIPAA / FSA and Other Regulated Private Email

One of our insurance broker clients “BROKER” was recently asked to rely on end-to-end TLS encryption when sending, in this case HIPAA regulated information from sender insurance broker to recipient insurance carrier “CARRIER”. They reported that they were told by the insurance carrier IT department, “TLS communications exist between your email service provider “ISP” email server and our email server which means we virtually have a 100%... Read more...

29 Dec 2008

Processor – An Easy-to-Follow Email Trail


RPost Registered Email Offers Insurance Broker Proof Of Emails Sent & Received Nothing gets your attention quite like a certified letter. Maybe it’s because you must sign for a certified letter to verify you’ve received it. And that means it contains information important enough to protect. As an insurance provider, Randy Frankel, who owns Frankel & Associates Insurance Services in Los Angeles, has sent many certified letters to clients... Read more...

24 Jul 2008



RPost Transforms Insurance Operations byDelivering Advanced Email Liability Protection LOS ANGELES—July 24, 2008—RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® service suite, today announced significant adoption among leading insurance brokers in the Assurex Global Partners network. Brokers are coming quickly to appreciate that RPost’s Registered Email service reduces litigation risk, Errors... Read more...