30 Sep 2009

Bermuda Post Alliance


New to the Mailstream are Registered Email ®Message Proof of Delivery, E-Signature, and Secure Encrypted Email Services — Very Low Cost Tools to Speed Deal Closure, Cut Cost, Eliminate Paper, and Preserve Certified Email Records HAMILTON, Bermuda, and LOS ANGELES—September 30, 2009 – Today, the Bermuda Post Office, under the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce, and RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with... Read more...

23 Jun 2008


Cox Business, an offshoot of the third-largest cable TV company in the United States, has started offering RPost’s Registered Email® service solution to expedite the processing of service orders previously executed with paper contracts sent via postal mail or fax. The new capability is designed to make business transactions more efficient and convenient for the customer and to reduce the use of unnecessary paper. Cox is currenly deploying the... Read more...

06 Apr 2008

ePostal Cayman Post

CIPS Peddles Registered Email The Cayman Islands Post Service (CIPS), which serves the clutch of three storm-tossed Caribbean islands whose main business – other than tourism – is finance, has gone into the registered email business on the back of RPost, the registered email purveyor. It is competing against the express mail and international private couriers that service the offshore banks, mutual funds, legal firms, insurance concerns, trusts,... Read more...

04 Jul 2007

Network World


RPost makessure your emails are delivered. RPost –like registered postal mail for email. By MichaelOsterman, Network World Archiving is a critically important technology helping organizations to mitigate risk during legal actions, regulatory audits and other instances in which a record of business communications via email or instant messaging is required. However, an archiving system generally cannot demonstrate that the recipient of an... Read more...

10 Dec 2006

Computerworld – comparison with USPS


Turn Important Email Into… By Mark Hall …… legally valid registered mail. Not every missive you send is worthy of registered mail, but for some documents and messages, you want proof that the recipient got what you sent. The U.S. Postal Service charges $8.77 for a 3-ounce hard-copy letter sent via registered mail. What do you do if you want to ensure that your electronic messages get through? Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost U.S.... Read more...